New claims about Arwani’s assassination

The news of Sheikh Abdul Hadi Arwani’s assassination in North London has taken an interesting twist with a blog post from a controversial Syrian journalist/blogger. The Daily Mail, quoting the Sun, had posted that Arwani, 48 years old, was the imam at the al-Nour mosque, where former convicts who converted to Islam pray, suggesting a possible “gang” feud:

“Sources told The Sun that the mosque attracted a number of former criminals who have converted to Islam, raising the prospect that Mr Arwani’s killing could be part of a gangland feud”

The Syrian blogger Mushakes, Arabic for troublemaker, made the following claims, all of which remain uncorroborated, about Arwani’s case:

1. Arwani is one of four Islamists who run Nour Mosque. The Syrian blogger claims that Arwani worked in smuggling cigarettes and drugs through a Jamaican convert called Khaled al Jamaiky, who fell out with Arwani over running the mosque, and is now “a suspect”.

2. Arwani moved to London in 2001, and not three years ago.

3. As the Daily Mail reported, Arwani recently took on cases of resolving marriages. Mushakes claims Arwani divorced a woman from her husband following a domestic dispute, then married her himself. Her furious ex-husband burnt Arwani’s car, triggering a police investigation. The blogger also claimed Arwani married a young Spanish convert.

Mushakes remains controversial, and many of his blogposts are inaccurate rants. However, it would be interesting looking at these points while solving the case.

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